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Greenline Yachts offers the world’s only complete fleet with traditional, hybrid or electric motorization. Currently, the company still offers diesel engines but strives to use the most efficient ones the market has to offer. The goal is to provide the most responsible diesel navigation solution available.


Greenline is pioneering hybrid motorization in boats and has been using this technology since 2008. Years of experience in hybrid transmission systems have allowed the system to be perfected not only in terms of propulsion, but also to obtain maximum efficiency and comfort while on board.


The company believes that electric motorization is the future of responsible navigation. This is why every model in the Greenline range is available with an all-electric drive system, providing quiet, emission-free propulsion.



Greenline’s goal is to provide unparalleled on-board comfort. With a row of solar panels you can use all of the boat’s appliances, whether sailing or stationary, without having to start a generator or connect to the shore power outlet.

This means there is no noise, vibration, emissions or disturbance to your neighbors when the boat is docked. By using high-performance LiPo batteries, it is possible to run even high-drain equipment such as air conditioning.


Even without the hybrid drive system, there are tremendous benefits from the standard solar panels provided by Greenline.

The panels constantly create sustainable energy and power the home’s battery bank so that on-board lighting and refrigeration, for example, can be run silently without having to resort to a diesel generator. This harnessing of solar energy offers peace of mind and a responsible way to generate energy on board.