Welcome to a new article on our blog, this time dedicated to another shipyard of which we are official dealers, Greenline Yachts.

Greenline Yachts: responsible innovation for the boating of the future

Greenline Yachts is a Slovenian shipyard founded in 2008 with the aim of revolutionizing the nautical industry. The company was the first in the world to launch a hybrid boat, and has since continued to develop innovative technologies to make boating more sustainable.

Greenline's vision

Greenline’s vision is to shape the future of responsible boating. The company believes that boating can be sustainable and accessible to all, and is committed to developing products and services that respect the environment.

Greenline's mission

Greenline’s mission is to constantly push the boundaries of what is technologically possible to make boating responsible, attractive, easy and affordable for its customers.

Greenline values

Greenline’s values ​​drive the company’s success and are central to how it conducts its business. The company wants:

  • Revolutionizing boating
  • Engage your stakeholders by providing them value

Preserve the environment without sacrificing comfort

Greenline is committed to reducing the environmental impact of boating. The company offers a range of yachts with hybrid or fully electric powertrains, and uses a range of technologies to reduce energy consumption and pollution.

Some of the elements that make Greenline yachts more sustainable include:

  • Hybrid or fully electric motorization
  • Biodegradable lounge and biodegradable garbage bags
  • Dedicated containers for waste recycling
  • Renewable energy sources with solar panels
  • Vacuum infusion technology
  • Innovative eco-friendly fabrics

Low center of gravity: stability, safety and comfort

Greenline yachts are designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience both on deck and below deck. Most of the heavy components are mounted in the deepest part of the hull, which gives the yachts a naturally low center of gravity. This makes boats more stable at sea, both when stationary and underway.


The production of a Greenline yacht begins with an idea which is then developed by a team of engineers and designers. The manufacturing process uses vacuum infusion technology, which guarantees a high quality, lightweight and durable product.

High level customization

Greenline offers a wide range of customization options to meet the needs of its customers. Future owners can choose the color of the hull, the wood of the furniture and the upholstery, and can even request fulfillment of special requirements.