Welcome to the article dedicated to the last of the shipyards of which we are official resellers, Dufour Catamarans.

The Dufour Catamarans shipyard is a leading brand in the pleasure boating sector. Founded in 1964 by Michel Dufour, the company is headquartered in La Rochelle, France. Initially specializing in the production of monohulls, Dufour expanded its product range in 2018 with the introduction of the Dufour Catamarans 48.

The birth of an innovative company

Michel Dufour was a sailing enthusiast and a visionary entrepreneur. In 1964, he decided to launch a new company specializing in the production of transportable sailboats. His first creation, the Sylphe, was an immediate success. The boat was light and easy to transport, making it ideal for inland and coastal cruising.

In the following years, Dufour continued to innovate and improve its products. In 1970, he founded a design bureau to develop new models. Production became industrialized and the company began producing over 300 boats a year.

International expansion

Over the years, Dufour has expanded its presence internationally. The company has opened branches all over the world and today sells its products in over 70 countries. Dufour has become one of the most important brands in the pleasure boating sector, known for its innovative, high-performance and reliable products.

The entry into the world of multihulls

In 2018, Dufour decided to expand its product range with the introduction of the Dufour Catamarans 48. The catamaran was designed by Umberto Felci, one of the most important naval designers in the world. The Dufour Catamarans 48 was an immediate success, receiving numerous awards and recognition.

Entering the world of multihulls was a strategic move for Dufour. The company saw an important growth opportunity in the catamaran market. The Dufour Catamarans 48 demonstrated that the company is able to compete in this market segment as well.

The future of Dufour Catamarans

Dufour Catamarans is a constantly evolving company. The company is committed to developing new products and innovative technologies. Dufour’s future is bright and the company is destined to continue to grow and conquer new market shares.