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Welcome to a new article on our blog dedicated to the construction sites of which we are official resellers. Today we will tell you about Ranieri International!

Ranieri International: a story of passion and innovation

The history of Ranieri International begins in Soverato, Calabria, at the end of the 1960s. Pietro Ranieri, the eldest of the brothers, opened a small artisan business for the assistance of motorcycles, to which shortly afterwards he added the sale and assistance of marine engines and small boats.

Guided by his passion and his ingenuity, thanks to the collaboration of his brothers, after only a few years he began the production of the first fiberglass boats. In 1970, the artisan activity transformed into the first company of the Ranieri Group: LA MOTONAUTICA F.LLI RANIERI srl.

The birth of a passion

In a changing world, where the desire to explore and freedom predominated, and where the value of relationships and sharing was increasingly strengthened in society, sailing became increasingly popular, and with it the small boats built by Motonautica F .lli Ranieri.

The company’s mission was clear: to put the yachtsman at the center of an extraordinary experience, creating boats that combined beauty, technique and craftsmanship.

Today, Pietro Ranieri still personally takes care of and follows every single phase of the production process, supported by his sons, Salvatore and Antonio, who manage all the design and production phases with him as well as directly dealing with the commercial, legal and administrative aspects.

Development and generational change

Over the years the company has also developed on an industrial level; with the choice to leave the heart of production in Soverato, today it operates on an area of ​​over 35,000 m2 to which is added a sea base of approximately 12,000 m2 in the splendid gulf.

The generational change has renewed the contribution of enthusiasm and a new vision of international marketing, starting a process of differentiation which aims, in full coherence with the founding values ​​of the family, at expanding the range through qualitative and technological investments linked to materials, to production processes, regulatory aspects and, consequently, those connected to the image and perception of the brand.

The new strategic vision and international presence

This innovative strategic vision led to the creation of a new Family Brand, Ranieri International, in 2008, with which the company launched a range of new products with international characteristics: inflatable boats (with the Cayman brand, launched in 2014), and a new generation of boats (with the NEXT brand, launched in 2016).

Ranieri International is today an international brand present on over 30 markets, capable of blending the heritage of the past and the courage of innovation in its boats. Past and future blended with extreme wisdom, a heart rooted in solid foundations, but with eyes firmly turned towards the future.