Ranieri International Next 275 LX: nomination at the Boot in Düsseldorf

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We are proud to announce Ranieri International, an Italian shipyard specialized in the production of high-end motor boats of which we are official resellers, has received the nomination at the Boot in Düsseldorf 2024 among the 5 boats of the year in the category up to 10 meters for its new Next 275 LX.

The Next 275 LX is a newly designed sundeck, which is part of the shipyard’s “extra-luxury” range. The careful study of the spaces has made it possible to obtain a lower deck with four beds in two distinct areas and a good-sized toilet room.

Attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the luxurious finishes to the well-designed spaces that offer comfort and convenience.
The exteriors are characterized by a large bow sundeck which becomes an oasis of relaxation in the sun and a welcoming living room in the cockpit while the living room in the cockpit is transformed into a place of conviviality thanks to the opposing and modular seats.

Respecting the distinctive characteristics of the Soverato shipyard, the Next 275 LX incorporates the Fully – Developed Cockpit System by Ranieri International, guaranteeing an innovative design and advanced construction techniques. The monocoque structure and the C.S.A. system (Cockpit Shock Absorber) reduce vibrations, ensuring high quality on-board life.

Performance and seaworthiness are entrusted to the proven H.I.S hull by Ranieri International, powered by one or two outboard motors up to 500 HP.

The versatility of the Next 275 LX is manifested in the numerous possibilities of use, adapting with agility to the different needs of the owner. Whether it’s a day of pure relaxation, sporty sailing or an elegant evening outing, this boat proves to be an ideal companion for any occasion.

The navigation experience on board the Next 275 LX is made even more extraordinary by the advanced integrated technologies. The cutting-edge navigation system, combined with customization options, offers total control and a seamless connection between the captain and the boat. The Next 275 LX is not just a boat, but a symbol of prestige and refinement in the nautical world, ideal for those seeking an unparalleled combination of style, performance and comfort.

This nomination represents a prestigious recognition for the quality and innovation of Ranieri International boats. The Next 275 LX is an excellent combination of versatility and comfort, suitable for both relaxation and sport sailing.